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Will Turner Pirate Project

"And you're wanting to turn pirate yourself ..."

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Name:The Continuing Will Turner Pirate Project
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Community description:Will Turner of "Pirates of the Caribbean"
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(Banner, and community layout design, created by gypsyluv. Design artwork is from "Will at the Helm of the Flying Dutchman" by and with permission from nel2012.)

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This community is dedicated to the character of Will Turner from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. Born the son of a pirate, raised and trained as a respectable blacksmith and swordsmith, and ultimately the new captain of the Flying Dutchman and ferryman of souls lost at sea to the afterlife, he is the POTC-verse's moral center throughout the initial trilogy of movies. As the good guy in a storyline of (mostly) appealing bad boys and girls, it would be easy to overlook Will if he didn't have the ability to adapt and "turn pirate" himself on occasion, as Jack Sparrow predicted in "Curse of the Black Pearl."

Writing that involves Will as a main focus is welcome, as is meta including his character, art, photos, and discussion. (Beta requests for any of these are okay to post, as well.)

Posting notes

A. Please be considerate of this community's members f-lists and lj-cut-hide any excessively long text in posts. Also, please lj-cut-hide any large or multiple photos or videos - one above the cut is fine, as long as it's not excessively large. If you're offering avatars, a few above the cut to "tease" is OK.

B. For fanfic, please include a summary, rating, and disclaimer above the cut. For not-safe-for-work images, please hide behind an lj-cut and alert readers it IS NSFW.

A suggestion of Captain Turner's pirate flag for the Flying Dutchman, courtesy of danglingdingle and ainsoph15 (from a fic posted here):

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